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20 Collateral Item Ideas for Your Creative Business

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We all know how essential consistency is to a memorable brand. 

Cohesive fonts and colors, logos and patterns imprint your brand into potential clients and customers mind until they start to associate them with your business. 

Take Apple for instance. 

You don't need to see their logo to identify their sleek, modern packaging or their minimal, attractive design that enhances the usability of their website. 

Or if you notice someone carrying a signature blue box with a white ribbon, you know they made a purchase from Tiffany's. You don't have to see the logo to recognize the brand. 

These design elements are central to a visual brand; consistent across all touchpoints. 

The same is true and beneficial for your business - and the easiest ways to do achieve brand consistency is through collateral items. 


20 collateral item ideas for your creative business

20 Collateral Item Ideas for Your Creative Business

As mentioned above, a collateral item is any branded design element a customer comes across when in contact with your business. It can be as simple as a rack card at a venue or a seasonal door decal on a storefront window. 

When thinking of collateral items, it's important to think of your marketing and which items the customer would get the most use out of. From there, your designer can infuse your brand into each unique collateral piece. 

Here are 20 ideas you may implement in your marketing to create a professional experience with your customers and clients. 


1 | Social Media Images

Convey your brand beyond your site (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter) with social media graphics with social media images. Are you going to share quotes, tips, stats, or how-to's? Create templates to maintain consistency and save time and energy in Photoshop. 

2 | Gift Cards

Example: By Stephanie Design

Everyone loves gift cards - they're simple and no fuss, yet they work at retaining new and existing clients for your business. So it's a win/win! 

photographer gift card template - by stephanie design

Make it fun for others to pass on your services to others with a branded gift card. 

3 | Media Kits

Example: By Stephanie Design

Anyone that is looking to connect with brands and create sponsorship opportunities should start with a media kit. They come in the form of multiple-page PDFs that provide blog statistics and audience demographics to prospective advertisers. 

fashion blogger media kit template - by stephanie design


Create a positive first impression in a sea of blogs with a well-branded and professionally-designed media kit and stand apart from the crowd. 

4 | Email Signatures

A consistent, professional brand is carried across the big things and in the small things, too. Email is a common place for people to come in contact with your brand. A simple email signature creates brand recognition and encourages people to follow along with you elsewhere. 


5 | Contracts, Timelines, and Quotes

Don't fall victim to a basic Word doc to correspond with clients. 

Make them more visually appealing and professional by adding your brand colors and fonts. 


6 | Blog Post Graphics

Example: By Stephanie Design

Would viewers recognize your blog graphics if they popped up in their Pinterest feed? 

blog post graphic templates - by stephanie design


Design blog post graphics with intention by aligning them as closely as possible to the aesthetic of your overall design. Remember, they should always compliment your site design, too. 

7 | Facebook Header & Profile Photo

Create recognition with your fans every time a post pops up in their feed by having a simple, memorable icon or logo displayed. The cover photo is where you can flex your creativity! 

8 | Shop Banners

If you run a shop on Etsy or another online platform, you're probably already aware of the need for a branded banner to attract customers to your shop. 

9 | Pricing Guides

Example: By Stephanie Design

Even if you feature your pricing on your website, it's a great idea to have a pricing guide PDF on hand to send to prospective clients via email to give them a well-rounded picture of your offerings. 

photographer pricing guide templates - by stephanie design


Foster a positive first impression by putting more intention into the design of your pricing guides. Streamlined fonts, colors, and photos consistent with your website create a cohesive branded image. 

10 | Business Cards

Example: By Stephanie Design

Whether it's at a networking event or simply to create a connection, having a business card on hand is a pretty good idea. Even more important in this digital age to have your website URL and social handles at the ready. 

business card template - polka dot - by stephanie design


There's no need to use a boring business card template when you can create a custom design that blends seamlessly with your brand. 

11 | Brochures

Example: By Stephanie Design 

Whether you're preparing for a promotional event, creating a go-to menu, or outlining your different services packages, a brochure that is consistent with the rest of your brand will attract your ideal clients easier. 

photographer pricing templates  - by stephanie design


12 | Greeting Cards, Postcards & Notecards

You might incorporate snail mail into your client experience. If you're a shop owner who sends out orders on a regular basis, don't underestimate the importance of a simple greeting card in creating brand recognition and enhancing professionalism.  

13 | Stamps & Stickers

I'm a sucker for great packaging! Give your packaging alittle facelift with branded stamps and stickers to appear more intentional and professional. 

14 | Email Templates

Example: By Stephanie Design

Your followers on Twitter might only be interested in articles you share. Your followers on Instagram might only be following you to see pretty photos.

e-commerce email template design psd - by stephanie design


But with email you have direct access to your customers. Create a strong e-mail marketing presence by creating templates to maintain consistency, save time, and create recognition with your audience. 

15 | Mugs, Shirts, Bags

These are the most common things that come to mind when 'collateral' items used for promotion come to mind. 

While business in the digital age means an entirely different means of marketing, these still may be used in fostering brand awareness. 

16 | Presentation Slides

Hosting a live webinar or speaking at a conference? 

Show your work and company profile on another level with branded slides for that lasting impression. 

17 | Handouts

Along with branded slides, it's often helpful to have a handout or a worksheet to help participants of an online course, workshop, or consultation to follow along and take notes. Incorporating your brand fonts, colors, and borders goes a long way in making your presentation more professional. 

18 | Social Media Icons

Example: By Stephanie Design

It's really in the details. Even something as small and seemingly insignificant as social media icons can reflect the rest of your brand and make your site appear more professional and cohesive. 

rose gold social icons - by stephanie design


19 | Event Badges

Event badges are great for giving out to those who attend your business or blogging event. Make them more visually appealing (and professional) by branding them! 

20 | Signage

This is probably a no-brainer, but signage is an important collateral item. Have a pop-up shop or brick-and-mortar store? You'll need a sign with your logo to help customers find you! 

There may be restrictions or guidelines you have to follow depending on where you're renting your space, but is worthwhile to consider this important facet of a consistent, professional brand. 



These are just a sampling of collateral items that may be helpful for your brand. Little details are easy to overlook, but once you have a foundation laid you'll see how easy it is to create consistency, professionalism, and memorability throughout the touchpoint of your brand. 


Are there any other collateral items you’ve utilized for your business? How many of these visuals have you already created for your brand?

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