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31+ Free Photoshop & Lightroom Tutorials

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Photography is such an important component to the visual appearance of a brand that many bloggers are amiss to neglect this medium in attracting potential readers. People respond to beautiful images and they make a favorable first impression of your blog or business.

Whether you're a photographer or another creative business owner, you know photo editing is just as important as capturing great photos.

So today I've done the legwork for you and rounded up some superb free photoshop tutorials along with lightroom tutorials to help benefit your brand and website. 

free photoshop tutorials - learn to edit photos - By Stephanie Design

Whether you're a beginner looking to explore simple ways to use photography for your blog, or an expert looking to brush up on your techniques, check out these photography tutorials:


5 Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners

How I Create Styled Stock Photo Packs: My Step-by-step Creative Process

How to Edit Photos Like a Pro

Guide to Fixing White Balance in Processing

How To Choose Your Camera Settings in Manual Mode (with examples!)

Adobe Lightroom Tutorial 5: How To Use Presets

Tips and Tricks for Photographing Food – Part 1

Blog Photography 101: Aperture

5 Tips for Killer Backlit Pictures

A Visual Guide to Focal Lengths in Camera Lenses

How To Fix Underexposed Photos In Photoshop

How To Create Flawless Photos In Photoshop

Digital Photography 101: Shutter Speed

How to Take Perfect Back-Lit Photos

4 Tips for Sharp Eyes in Portraits

An Easy Guide to Editing Blog Photos

Non-Techie Guide To Image Optimization

A Secret Editing Technique: Add beautiful Tones to Your Photos

How to Add a Watermark to Your Photos Using Lightroom

How to Enhance Your Black & White Photos in Lightroom

Making the Eyes Pop in Lightroom 4

Add Bokeh, Sun Flare and Haze in Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6 and the Creative Cloud

5 Must-Know Shortcuts for Lightroom's Brush Tool

Fix that Photo: Remove a Yellow Color Cast

Learn to edit a portrait image in Photoshop

A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Actions

Hide Cluttered Backgrounds In Your Photos

How to Smooth Out a Wrinkled Background

How to Add a Matte Affect in Photoshop or Lightroom

Creating a Black & White Conversion in Lightroom

I've used Photoshop for many years and still use it to create all the photoshop templates in my shop for photographers.

If you'd like to explore the in's and out's of each program, Photoshop & Lightroom are available in the Adobe Creative Cloud. To view plans and pricing click here.


Do you use Adobe Creative Suite for your blog or business? Which programs do you use most often and what are your favorite features?

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