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Free Printable Grocery List Templates (+ NEW shop addition!)

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Imagine a familiar scenario of typing you grocery list into your iPhone only to forget about it once you arrive at the store.

Grocery shopping can sometimes be a mundane task if you're not prepared, and I know many of use arrive home dismayed because "I forgot something!" 

Aside from wasting your time and money, it can be little irritating! 

Hence, this is where the grocery list comes in. For some reason having a list in your hand makes it easier to remember and the task of shopping becomes less mundane when you have a beautiful, organized list to keep track of your goods. 

So I rounded up a few free printable grocery shopping list templates, and have a special goodie at the end of the post (and my new addition to my shop!) that will make kitchen organization as a whole much more enjoyable! 

Check out the free printable grocery list templates you can easily print below: 


1. Black And White Grocery List By Vertex

2. Cute Grocery List Template

super cute printable grocery list template - by stephanie design

3. Cute Grocery List Template

4. Ellie's Printable Grocery List Template


free printable grocery list template - by stephanie design

5. Black And White Weekly Printable Planner

free weekly menu plan template - by stephanie design

6. Healthy Grocery Shopping List Template


7. The Ultimate Vegetarian Grocery List

free vegetarian grocery list template


Meal & Menu Planning Kit

This printable, letter-sized set of 7 page kit will make meal planning a lot less mundane. The bright, punchy colors I chose for that expressed reason, and the planning aspect prevents you from making spontaneous food purchases that often go uneaten or expired. 

The set includes a weekly meal plan (2 layout options), a monthly meal plan, grocery list, freezer inventory, pantry inventory, and favorite meals. 

Plan and organize your weekly and monthly meals, grocery shopping, and household organization with this streamlined, bright pdf kit. Download it right away and print as many copies as you need to make kitchen organization a much more streamlined experience!