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How to Design Eye-Catching Blog Post Templates

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If you've been blogging for some time now or are just getting started you're probably aware of the importance of the blog post graphic. Placed right above the fold, they're the visitors first glimpse of what your blog post is about.  Blog post graphics give your site visual interest and are a great addition to your social media promotion. They can be used as an alternative to or as a compliment to photography.

When potential customers land on your site or come into contact with your visuals throughout social media they're making judgements about your business, and these visuals play a large role in conveying meaning and enrichment to your users and leaving a positive first impression. Whether they chose to share them on sites like Pinterest are largely determined in those first few seconds that impression is made. 

So let's discuss how to create these eye-catching blog post graphics! I'll show you simple ways to use them to differentiate yourself and stick in user's minds time and time again! 


how to design eye-catching blog post templates - by stephanie design

A Few Design Considerations

1. Variety + Consistency

For the majority of people, 1-2 blog post templates is ideal. If you do chose to have a variety, certain elements should remain consistent throughout. 

Set color, type, photo, and layout guidelines for your blog graphics. If you're working with a designer they will set color and type guidelines for clear patterns and a consistent hierarchy throughout your site. 

If you're not working with a designer, consider what color type you will use on a photographic background and what color is used on solid color backgrounds. Which lines and patterns will be incorporated into which templates. Will you use your own photos or make use of stock photos? 

Lastly, keep your templates the same size. By sticking to the same ratio the blog maintains a flow and becomes more visually appealing. More on layout below!

So by figuring out the above questions beforehand you'll save some time when creating a new graphic to compliment your new blog post. You're audience will gain familiarity with your business or brand as it starts to pop up in their Pinterest or Bloglovin' feeds! 

2. Be Cognizant of Size 

Also key to garnering attention from user's is the size of your images. Since each platform has it's unique constraints for sizing you may chose to develop a few templates to accommodate each optimal size for your social media outlets (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest). 

Pinterest is known for displaying vertical formats in larger in newsfeeds because the columns constrain the width of the graphic. In comparison, horizontal formats will shrink down. 

3. A Unique, Branded Image

A well-developed, branded image allows you to stick in potential customers minds and aides in the professionalism of your brand.

If also allows user's to capture your brand personality and style and distinguishes you from other creatives in your field. 

When creating graphics don't look to what's already out there; take time to stretch your boundaries and break the mold. 

When creating my own blog post graphics I ran through a few options before determining the ideal template, which resulted in a few variations I really like which all contain a similar cohesive thread throughout all of them. 


The Tools for Creating Blog Post Templates

Adobe Photoshop

I use Adobe Photoshop to create my blog post graphics which suits my needs for this type of design project. 


how to create eye-catching blog post graphics - by stephanie design

The Adobe Creative Suite provides the most versatility of any image creation program. If you're interested in trying it out you can make use to Adobe's 30-day free trial


The By Stephanie Design Shop

Shameless plug! My design store is one resource for pre-designed templates at an affordable price. 

I just released the first of a few sets of blog post graphic templates in the By Stephanie Design shop. These templates are a beautiful way to establish your brand and create a cohesive online presence. All they require is you find the photos you're looking for and customize the text to your blog post! 

Each package includes 8 different Photoshop templates - featured, quote, products, mood board, long pin (ideal for recipes or fashion collages), instagram and facebook! Each template within the package works to form a cohesive branded image in the set. 

All files are optimized for retina display, but you can size them down how you see fit! 


The Design Shop is full of resources for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs, with a speciality in photoshop templates for photographers.


Blog post graphics are one way to create a positive first impression and inspire visitors to share your content which will lead to more traffic and allow you to reach your business goals alittle sooner. 

How do you currently create your blog graphics? How do you maintain consistency and differentiate yourself from all the other blog graphics out there?

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