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How To Use Clipping Masks in Photoshop (+FREE Photoshop Shortcuts Guide!)

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Amongst the many tools in Photoshop I use in my everyday, one of the more important features I find myself using are clipping masks. They're an excellent way for bloggers and business owners to enhance their blog post graphics, collages, and other design needs. 

how to use clipping masks in photoshop + free photoshop shortcuts guide


Luckily, their super easy to use, and in this video tutorial I'll show you how to create a unique shape to a layout using clipping masks...


It's also worth mentioning that if you need to remove a layer from a clipping mask, right click and choose "Release Clipping Mask." This command removes the selected layer and any layers above it from the clipping mask. 

Also, since many of you use Photoshop for a variety of needs, I've put together a Keyboard Shortcuts Guide to help you speed up your workflow and work more efficiently in the program! Grab your FREE download below! 

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