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22 Projects for Your In-House Graphic Designer

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As an entrepreneur your time is limited. You're often wearing many hats and juggling many roles, each of which requires special time out of your day. And, chances are, you don't have many hours to spare. 

Brand Design Packages and my Design Shop are at the core of my business, I find many clients may need additional help after their initial projects are finished. And while many need the ongoing help of a graphic designer, many understand it may be risky and overkill to hire a creative department for their needs. 

Enter my new In-House Design Subscription Services. Starting at $300/month (with an option for unlimited services), I provide the same support, service, and professionalism as having a designer on your team, without the expenses and commitment of hiring. 

22 projects for your in-house graphic designer - by stephanie design

It's my way of sharing my love of design and helping all creative business owners in the process. If you'd like to see how using an in-house designer might benefit your business, I've put together a list of 22 projects a designer can tackle.


projects for your in-house designer - by stephanie design

1 | Blog Post Templates + Graphics

I recently covered the importance of blog post templates in this post, and many bloggers know that having beautiful, streamlined pinnable graphics to accompany your posts set it apart and make it appear professional. Give me a list of your upcoming blog posts and I'll put together all your templates in advance. Not keen on planning ahead? Make use of a pre-designed template set ideal for lifestyle publishers available in my shop! 

2 | Welcome Packages & Guides

Make a new client feel special and leave a great first impression by providing a beautifully designed collection of helpful information and tools, along with your own unique greeting or personal gift. 


3 | Email Marketing Setup 

Reach your audience personally by having a designer setup your email marketing. From the initial opt-in through every follow-up, your designer can create custom templates for you to use in Mailchimp, AWeber, and other email service. 

4 | Lead Magnets

While on the subject of email marketing, you can have a designer create an enticing email opt-in or lead magnet. It usually comes in the form of an ebook, workbook, PDF list, template or anything else you can think of. Have a designer put it together and present your offer in a professional light. 

5 | Event Stationery

Need the perfect tone set for your special day or upcoming event? Your in-house designer can create an on-point stationery suite for you - or your client's - special event. We can also accommodate your day of event stationery needs, such as beautiful menus, escort or place cards, programs, signage and many more.  

6 | Social Media Posts & Templates

On-brand social media templates can also be created to share your blog posts, announcements, inspirational quotes, and your recent work. A couple templates are ideal for versatility and allow you to create posts on demand. See my recent addition to the design shop for reference. 

7 | Infographics

Infographics are an engaging way to share important information and data on your site. They are also highly shareable, meaning their often shared on Pinterest, mentioned on Twitter, and linked to on Facebook. A designer can put together one that will appeal to your ideal customers and complement your brand. 

8 | Online Advertising

Whether it's for Facebook Ads, Banner Ads, or Promoted Pins, your in-house designer can create a compelling advertising campaign that adheres to your brand and the advertising platform's exact specifications, allowing you to get the most for your money in the process. 

9 | Social Media Branding

Show off your social channels to their fullest potential with crafted Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus headers and profile pictures to promote a current special or enhance your brand and maintain consistency across all platforms. 

10 | Media Kit

Accept advertisers on your website or partner with brands? It's beneficial to have a media kit on hand that displays your site stats, social media following, and overview of your average reader, etc. Work with an in-house designer that will put together a professional document that will highlight the benefits of working with you. 

11 | Mood Boards

Whether you're an interior designer, event planner, or simply a blogger who is looking for a starting point in the visual direction of your brand, or another business owner in the event design process, a clean and inspirational mood board will greatly benefit your sales pitch. 


22 projects for your in-house graphic designer - by stephanie design

12 | Email Signature

A consistent, professional brand is carried all the way from the big things to the small things. Something as small as an email signature can be forwarded to potential new clients, customers, and more. You can make a great first impression by sharing your valuable contacting information with a professionally designed email signature. 


business card template - by stephanie design

13 | Business Stationery

Is your business stationery currently fulfilling the needs of your brand? When was the last time you updated your business card or letterhead? Work with a designer that will update all touchpoints to your current brand and adapt current designs for new team members and needs as they arise. 

14 | Event Collateral

Have an upcoming event on the horizon? Work with an in-house designer to create or update flyers or other marketing collateral for upcoming live events - including speaking engagements, trade shows, and event expos. Brochures, pricing guides, line sheets, and wholesale catalogs are also great for highlighting the ins and outs of your event and gaining support and attention. 

15 | Album Design

Photographers can work with a designer to save time and improve their workflow by outsourcing the client's wedding album design. We can curate your galleries and design a stunning, professional keepsake with a quick turn-around time. This frees you up to spend time on parts of your business you love. 

16 | EBooks

If selling ebooks, kindle books, or other digital products is in the cards, a designer can turn your content into a professional product that will allow you to command a premium price. 

17 | Document Templates

Present a professional, streamlined image by working with a graphic designer to craft your contracts, intake forms, invoices, questionnaires and other business documents. 

18 | Lookbooks + Catalogs

Show off your best work or current product lines in a handy catalog or lookbook. Lookbooks are excellent additions to high-end photographers, wedding planners, and other event professionals marketing collateral. They can be shared at wedding shows or client consultations to make a great impact, in addition to a captivating coffee table piece. 

19 | Printables + Worksheets

Many times in speaking engagements, online courses, workshops, and consultations, it's helpful to have a handout or a worksheet to help participants follow along and take notes. Your in-house designer can create or update flyers and other marketing collateral for you to distribute. 


20 | Pricing Guide

If you don't feature your prices on your website, it's often helpful to create a PDF pricing guide to send to prospective clients in an email. You can also link to it on your site to avoid wasting time with price-shoppers. I'll use your brand and images of past work to give your clients the context they need to understand your services. 

21 | Basic Photo Editing

While not used in place of the editing services of a professional photographer, your in-house designer can help with basic photo editing, from touching up a non-professional image to removing a background and adding text. 

22 | Submarks For Your Brand

Your in-house designer can create submarks and alternate logos for your spin-off brands and products. If you have a special product or signature service we can develop a custom logo to help promote and differentiate. 

You can always request projects outside the realm of this list - I'm always happy to tackle new challenges as long as their within the scope of my skills and expertise. 

If you're interested in hiring me as an in-house designer,  please contact me for rates and more information.

Are there any design tasks I may have overlooked that could be delegated? I would love to hear about them. 


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