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10 Steps to Rapidly Grow Your Pinterest Traffic

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It's no secret Pinterest is a major game changer for blogs and businesses looking to stand out and get more traffic to their websites. As of right now Pinterest accounts for over half of my overall traffic and contributes heavily to my email list growth. So today I'm sharing a few tips that will help you leverage Pinterest successfully as a business owner and blogger to kick up your traffic and readership. 


10 steps to rapidly grow your pinterest traffic - by stephanie design


1 | Convert to a Business Page

The major advantage of using Pinterest as a business owner is you're able to verify your site (allowing Pinterest users to view your site as a trustworthy source), and more importantly you're able to take advantage of Pinterest analytics! It's here you're able to see what is being pinned from your site, how many people are repining images, and gauge the interest of your pinners. This is beneficial as I can see which pins I should be pinning to Group Boards at a later date to maximize my traffic! 

It's also mandatory to have a business account if your ever want to run Promoted Pins. 

Watch the video below for an overview of Pinterest Analytics or download a detailed how-to guide:

Just click here to either sign up as a business or convert your account! 

2 | Organize Boards 

People are busy so I like to keep my most relevant, on brand boards first. If my aesthetic doesn't capture their attention at first glance, chances are they won't scroll down to the rest of them. If you have to, delete boards that aren't relevant to your blog or business niche, Keep your ideal audience in the back of your mind - what kind of boards would appeal to them? How are your products or services related to those topics. And don't forget if there's something you've been brainstorming and don't want your ideal client to see just turn it into a 'secret' board and they won't even know it exists. 

3 | Make New Relevant Boards

Long before I started up my business I pinned anything that piqued my interest - regardless of whether they coincided with my business. I've since chosen boards that are a great representation not only of my design tastes and aesthetic but are a good reflection of my blog/business. And, of course, the first couple boards are showcasing my items exclusively. 

As you begin to organize your boards you may realize there are boards that you should have but don't! Make a list of 5-10 boards that are your best ideas and then create them! Spend some time pinning atleast 5-10 images to them to keep them from sitting vacant. 



how to increase traffic from Pinterest - by stephanie design

4 | Update Cover Boards

Once I have the foundation laid I like to go through and update the cover image of each board to reflect my products and offerings. Once again, I try to convey a similar vibe across your account that all relates back to my brand message. Pinterest is an extremely visual platform so high-quality images and a similar theme will go along way in attracting your ideal client and increasing click-throughs. 

5 | Apply for Group Pinterest Groups 

If you're just starting out and want to get your pins out there and seen, I'd highly recommend joining a few relevant group Pinterest boards. Try to only join boards that are relevant to the content that you want to post and where content that is posted gets re-pinned. 

6 | Allow Readers to Pin Directly From Your Site

If you share great content, chances are visitors would want to pass it on, so make sure to enable the Pin-it Button for images. This small hover link makes your site 'Pinterest friendly,' 

For Squarespace users, you can enable the 'pin-it' button under Settings > Share Buttons. If you're using Wordpress or Blogger, you can find instructions for adding a Pin It button to your site here.  

I've also recently installed the SumoMe Social Sharing Widget which I've heard many positive reviews about. Any means of making it super easy for visitors to share your stuff is worth it. 

7 | Create original pin-worthy images and graphics

I know I'm more likely to re-pin an image that is well-designed an eye-catching over a myriad of options that flood my feed, so keep in mind to create high-quality images that grab user's attention when developing your social media graphics. Colorful images and pictures with a background are often a hit on this visual platform, so taking time to craft them is well worth the free marketing Pinterest offers. 

8 | Make Boards Titles & Descriptions SEO-friendly 

Many people lump Pinterest into platforms like Instagram and Facebook, causing them to view it as another social media platform. This can sometimes skew their Pinterest strategy, though.  Pinterest is like a mini search engine (you may have heard of Search Engine Optimization) - keep in mind the words and key phrases that your ideal client would enter to arrive at your pin. Make sure each board includes a relevant keywords, and your board description is filled with words you'd find yourself searching for most for the topic. And don't forget to take advantage and write lengthy, keyword-filled descriptions: think 2-4 sentences that someone would search for in relation to your pin. 

Also, when user's pin images directly from your site the name of the image appears in the pin description so make use of this prime real estate when uploading blog post images by entering a descriptive, keyword-rich phrase.

9 | Pin Consistently 

The more consistent I am with pinning the more I show up in people's feed and, hence, the more people  that will see my pins. I try to make it a point to pin 10-15 new, high-quality pins a day to help out other businesses and grow my following while Boardbooster is running the rest of the work on autopilot. 

10 | Sign Up For Boardbooster!

Finally, once your finished with the initial setup it's time to run it on autopilot! Boardbooster has saved me so much time in Pinterest and has rapidly grown my followers on average over 50% each month. It schedules, loops, and basically runs the show for you once you set yourself up in their system. It's definitely a tool I'd recommend for those that want to cut down time spend on social media. 


What Pinterest tips have you found most helpful in driving traffic back to your site?