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How to Create Your Signature Brand Style

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You've started a business! You're ready to share your product or service or offering with the world but how do you go about attracting the clients or customers you're trying to appeal? 

The first step involves developing your brands signature style or personality so you can reach and connect with your audience and potential customers and make you proud to share your goods with them! 

Creating a signature style for your brand can be little daunting at the offset though - from color to type to pattern it's especially easy to be pulled in a myriad of directions when you have so many tools at your fingertips and neary a process for honing in your unique mission, style, and personality. It often means going little deeper than visuals though and defining the unique characteristics of your business that make you stand out from competitors and attract your people. 

how to create your signature brand style - by stephanie design


But where do you begin? In this post I'll uncover some of the questions to ask yourself in uncovering your signature brand style.

What is Your Brand's Mission or Core Values

Essentially the heart and soul of why your business exists, defining your brand's mission will reveal who you want to help, what industry do you want to target, and why are you passionate about what you have to offer. For example, if you're a new bakery serving gluten-free items, this value connects with those that want this characteristic in their bakery. 

Who Are The People I Want As Client's or Customers

Defining your target market is essential as it's impossible to attract and satisfy everyone. The more specific you can get, the better. For instance, if you offer info products to parents that homeschool their 5-7 year olds, that is more helpful than trying to appeal to ALL THE MOMS, some of which don't even homeschool and may not be interested in what you're selling or have to say. 

Find Your Brand Style Words

Your brand style words or keywords are like a unique recipe that summarizes your work. Having a few descriptive words picked out, such as classic, modern, and feminine, clearly conveys your focus and intentions with your business. Every brand should have a few style words picked out as a reminder that every piece of work you create reflects on them or how they wish to be perceived. 

Knowing how you want your brand to be perceived will help in all steps of your business, including visuals like your logo, website, and collateral design, as well as copywriting and tone of your correspondence which I delve into below.

Determine Your Style

Your signature style isn't only reflected in your work but carries over into your brand as well.  When designing a brand or website for a client, here are some questions I might ask: 

  • What is the graphic style of your brand? Simple, edgy, artistic?
  • If you brand was a car, what model would be be? 
  • If your brand had a celebrity spokesperson, who would it be?
  • If your brand was a cocktail, what would it be? 
  • What 3 words would you like people to use when they are describing your style?
  • If your brand was an outfit, what would it be?


Once you have this information gathered, it's time to gather visuals for inspiration - which is where inspiration boards are really handy! 

Create a Secret Pinterest Board

Pinterest is a hot spot for inspiration - it's really easy to get carried away, too! You can pin anything that says 'I'd love to make something like that!' But it's an excellent way to reflect on the color, style, theme, and feeling of the brand you want to create. Putting these images together in one place really gives you an accurate image and clarity your own style. 

Here's a sample of some recent pins on a brand board: 

how to create your signature brand style - by stephanie design

Noticed any commonalities among the designs I pinned? Most of them are classic, feminine, and traditional. Since I tend to gravitate towards this style, this tells me my ideal customer is also a female business owner that wants their designs in this style and I should book more of them. 

There's no right or wrong answer when defining your brand signature style. Having a strong sense of it's traits will help you in every decision-making process of your business, and guide you in creating something really memorable for your customers. 

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