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sept 2016

New In the Shop: Newborn Photographer Marketing Set

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I'm ramping up new inventory for the shop and I'm loving this new Newborn Marketing Suite. Please pop over and take a look at what's new! In addition to over 200 photographer templates I've also added design assets and resume templates in a bevy of styles to help you stand out from the crowd! 

Take a look at the Newborn Marketing Suite below and let me know what you think! 

newborn photographer marketing set
newborn photographer marketing set - by stephanie design
newborn photographer marketing set - trifold brochure - by stephanie design
newborn photographer marketing suite - photographer templates - by stephanie design
newborn photographer marketing board - by stephanie design

In addition to premade marketing set, I also offer custom branding design. Please contact me for further information. 

How to Choose the Perfect Color Palette For Your Small Business

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Color is one of the most noticeable, tangible components of a brand and plays an important role in attracting the right kind of customers to your business. 

Most people think of color as something pretty insignificant though - wondering if that shade of blue is really going to persuade potential ciients to purchase from you? 

The answers to these questions is always a resounding yes! The power of color has never ceased to amaze me - even when I look at my personal tastes, pink and navy figure predominantly in my wardrobe, you can see how something seemingly insignificant can influence mood and tap into our emotions. 


how to chose the perfect color palette for your small business - by stephanie design


If you want to create a color palette that attracts your ideal audience and accurately represents your brand, here are some simple steps to help you achieve the perfect color palette. 

First, since each color is tied to an emotional + psychological response, I put together this guide so you can better understand the meaning behind each....

how to chose the perfect  color palette for your brand - by stephanie design

How to Create a Distinct Color Palette for Your Brand

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how to chose the perfect color palette  for your small business  -  by stephanie design

On Pinterest, start pinning images you've visually attracted to. Just start pinning all of the things that you gravitate towards and you'll start noticing a trend in the colors eventually. Leave notes on the pins, explaining why, and leave it and come back in a few days and edit through the images. 

In the above I created a collage of some pins that contain a natural, earthy, organic feel, and below I hand-select one pin to explore further

Once you’ve gathered inspiration, pull 4-5 colors for your color palette. 


how to chose a color palette for your small business - by stephanie design

Cosy, natural, feminine and comforting are emotions I'd use to convey the above palette, which would be suitable for wedding-based businesses, party-based businesses, and other businesses that only target women. 


The color palette you select should always express what you want your brand to stand for. It should trigger the emotions you want from your clients and customers and leave a positive impression. Thinks of the industry you're in and what is oftentimes the norm as well - if you're branding something health-related, you might consider using green because of it's associations with color or nature. If you're in the food industry, it may be best to refrain from using blue because of its tendency to suppress an appetite. Bright, bold colors are a fit for strong personalities such as coaching businesses or accessory shops (Kate Spade comes to mind). 

If you’re having trouble coming up with your initial colors, you can also take a look at these helpful sites or try out the exercise below! is a handy site for both color and design inspiration. You can search for designs that include certain colors by clicking “color” at the top of their website. 

Adobe Color CC is another helpful resource that allows you to look through different color rules, create/save color palettes, and glance through preexisting color palettes for inspiration. The Most Popular and Most Used categories under the Explore tab are especially helpful if you ever get stuck. 

Design Seeds - A smorgasbord of curated color palettes from talented artists, photographers, makers, and designers. 


Creating Emotive Color Palettes (Free .AI color Wheel Template Download!)

Whether you're starting your own business or are a creative looking for some color swatch ideas for your next project, I put together a simple process you can use to make the task less agonizing by following the steps below as reference for using your adobe illustrator color wheels:

how to create the perfect color palette for your small business - by stephanie design

1. Start with the Basics: Chose five to ten hues for each color of the rainbow. Pick a range from light to dark and make sure the hues vary. For example, the blues can range from cyan to navy to teal. 

2. Select a Variety of Emotive Adjectives: Here are a few to get you started: energetic, quality, corporate, caring, natural, serene, fresh, empowered, intelligent, delightful, festive. 

3. Put together palettes that express the chosen adjectives: Pick up to six colors for each palette. Chose colors that work well together and 'feel' like the adjective. Don't necessarily pick the expected colors. Throw in a pop color here or there. 

4. Try to create three or more palettes for each emotive quality. 

5. Name the palettes for easy reference. 

6. Use the palettes as is, or as a jumping off point for your next project. Continue developing new palettes for each new design. 


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Do you have any insights on effectively selecting colors for branding? I would love to see examples, or methods that have worked for you!