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My Favorites Tools and Resources for Growing My Brand

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As an online business owner and designer it's hard not to miss all the new tools, resources, and classes at our disposal to enhance our business and ultimately our lives so much easier. 

I'll admit though it can be overwhelming - I'm cautious to spend any money if the return is insignificant to what I might be paying. 

Nonetheless, I've found some tools that I love that work for me, and I'm happy to share them with you below: 

my favorite tools and resources for growing my brand - by stephanie design

It doesn't matter if you're a Graphic Designer, Photographer, or other creative entrepreneur. These tools can definitely benefit your small business while keeping the anxiety of running it smoothly at bay:

1. Buffer 

Remembering to update your social media profiles throughout the day is no longer an issue with Buffer. The initial setup requires a couple hours of your time at most, but it's well worth it to have an automated system in place that allow me to focus on my design projects and other miscellaneous tasks that demand more of my time. 

the best tools I use to market by business - by stephanie design

Since I view Buffer as a funnel to drive traffic to both my store and website, I'm careful to promote a good percentage of my own work (new shop additions, blog posts) along with helpful content from fellow businesses and creatives.  Because tweets disappear fast I schedule around 9 posts a day across my social media channels - allowing me to maximize Buffer's fullest potential while increasing my engagement and conversions. 

2. Boardbooster

Before using a scheduling software for Pinterest my process was for promoting my content and growing that account was more much happenstance. I figured if I shared my work on a few group boards and pinned a lot of great content from other designers and creative entrepreneurs that suit my niche that would be enough.


best pinterest social media scheduling tool - by stephanie design


 Ever since I've utilized Boardbooster beginning this year my engagement on this search engine platform has grown exponentially. I've utilized the looping feature predominantly, which takes old pins on your boards and recycles them by re-pinning back to the top again. It also goes through though and deletes duplicates. Such a helpful feature! 

3. 17Hats

Before I started using a project management tool to manage all my brand design projects I sometimes felt like I may be missing a step of my process. Having a reliable program to manage the back-end not only keeps both me and the client on the same page throughout the duration of the project but I feel rest-assured knowing my contracts, invoicing, and time-tracking are all neatly organized in one handy PM tool! 

17 hats review - by stephanie design


4. Convertkit

When I heard a gross amount of emails from Mailchimp end up in user's spam folder, I knew it was  time to switch email providers! I've heard great things recently from various sources about Convertkit, and although the initial set up left much to be desired, my email marketing for my online store is pretty much streamlined now. 

Amongst Convertkit's many handy features are "Link Triggers." These features are excellent for many types of businesses. For example: if a subscriber opens an email from me and clicks on a click to purchase a magazine template, but doesn't purchase, I can send them an email reminding them about the magazine or offering them a discount to incentivize buying. 

Either way, I'm landing in the 'Primary' tab on Google now so more people are seeing what I'm sending! 

Try Convertkit!

What are you favorite tools for running your business?